EGR Valve Replacement

Photo of EGRWhile driving have you thought you smelled exhaust billowing into your car? You may be right. This is a symptom of a worn down EGR valve. This valve reduces emissions from your car, specifically nitrogen oxide. When not maintained properly, this valve can break down, causing noxious emissions from or into your car. The best thing to do is have it replaced as quickly as possible. At Rolling Auto Service, we provide the best mobile auto repairs in Venice, FL and the surrounding area. If you need EGR replacement, give us a call today at 941-493-6511. 

Symptoms Of EGR Failure

When the EGR valve fails, has several ways of telling you. The most clear is an emissions test failure. It may also emanate some pinging noises or make a loud detonation sound when your first turn your vehicle on. Your check engine light is another strong indicator. It will turn on and register a code of valve failure to your auto mechanic during service. When these signs arise within your car, you should have your auto mechanic take a look at the vehicle as quickly as possible. Rolling Auto Service is a mobile auto repair shop, which means we come to you when you need service. Whether it is to your work or even a park, we come out and get your car working. Contact us today at 941-493-6511 for EGR valve replacement in Venice, FL.