Pinion Seal Replacement

Have you heard an odd whining noise from your axles when you are driving? This could be a broken pinion seal, leaking too much fluid. When your pinion seal breaks your differential, driveshaft, and other wheel operating pieces become at risk for failure. With a dropping fluid level, wear and damage occur in your differential. Our auto mechanics can inspect your drive shaft and replace your seal. This will restore mobility to your vehicle and protect your car from further damage. Give us a call today at 941-493-6511 for pinion seal replacement in Venice, FL. 

Differential Fluid Leak

photo of pinion sealYour pinion is part of the greater system that allows the wheels of the car to move unencumbered. In order to ensure everything is functioning, pieces such as the differential must maintain a certain fluid level. This keeps the piece lubricated, preventing damage during it many operations. This seal keeps this fluid from leaking out and becoming displaced. That is why it is so crucial to have this inspected and replaced regularly. ASE certified auto mechanics complete your auto repair on site when you choose Rolling Auto Service. Call us today at 941-493-6511 for pinion seal replacement in Venice, FL.