Oxygen Sensor Replacement

In order to have the perfect balance of fuel to oxygen, your car has oxygen sensors. These sensors check your emissions to gauge whether your vehicle needs more or less air. They allow your engine to perform perfectly and reduce your emissions. When you fail an emissions test, your sensors may have gone out. Our auto mechanics can replace your sensors to get your vehicle ready for the next emissions test. If you need oxygen sensor replacement in Venice, FL, contact us today at 941-493-6511!

O2 Sensor Maintenance

Photo of Oxygen sensorIn order to keep your sensors functioning correctly, regular tune ups and maintenance are necessary. One sign of failure is a check engine light. When this comes on, drive as little as possible and have this car inspected by an auto repair technician. They should look at the exhaust system itself to ensure no leaks are apparent. At times, your engine will register an issue with the sensor when it register an exhaust problem. Once the exhaust has been inspected the auto mechanic will replace the sensor. Rolling Auto Service is your mobile auto repair shop, providing the best quality and customer service in Venice, FL. Call 941-493-6511 today for your oxygen sensor replacement.