3 Types of Car Accidents You Can Avoid by Maintaining Your Car

car on side of road
Every driver on the road knows that the primary cause of car accidents in the US is distracted driving. Distractions are everywhere, such as cell phones, loose objects in the car, kids in the back seat, and even a great song on the radio. However, there are some causes that you can’t blame on distractions. Not every crash is avoidable, but here are a few causes you can avoid simply by taking good care of your car.

Check Your Tires

It is essential that you take good care of your tires. Your tires are obviously an incredibly important part of your vehicle, but due to the expensive nature of tires, many drivers delay replacing them. Did you know that you should be rotating your tires? This can help you prolong their lifespan, and save you from having to buy tires as often. When you do replace your tires, you should also have them properly aligned, so that your vehicle continues to run smoothly. If you don’t take pay attention to your tires, you may end up with a flat, or a total blow out while driving, which is a common cause for accidents.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

Visibility is super important for safe driving. Obvious, right? Apparently not obvious enough! Many accidents during rainstorms happen due to insufficient windshield wipers. Windshield wipers tend to become dry and brittle as they age, making them relatively ineffective at removing obstructions from your windshield. It is important to check your wipers for signs of aging, and replace them as needed. When checking your wipers, be sure to check the wiper fluid levels under the hood as well! That way when unexpected obstructions appear when you’re driving, you can wash and wipe them away with ease.

Check Your Headlights

Another visibility hazard, dim headlights are a common cause for accidents. Always remember to check your headlights for proper alignment and brightness. Improper installation can leave your lights pointed off of center, which can be frustrating to other drivers, and affect how well you can see the road in front of you. Your tail lights are also important, as they ensure that other drivers can see you.

Follow these simple maintenance tips, and drive safer today! When in doubt about an issue with your car, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Our ASE certified mobile mechanic at Rolling Auto Service is here to help, serving Venice, FL and surrounding areas! When in need of a mechanic that can come to you, call (941) 493-6511!