Car Battery Problems Signs

The battery plays a very vital role in your car, it supplies the electric energy to start the motor, power the lights and start the ignition for the engine. Car batteries typically perform well and last two to three years. What are the car battery problems signs that indicate that you need to get a new car battery?

The Engine Cranks & There’s No Start

When you go to start your car and the engine cranks and doesn’t start, is a tell tale sign of a car battery problem. This sign is often mistaken for an alternator or starter problem. Typically when this happens your battery is just a few volts shy of starting your vehicle and running it effectively. If this happens, jump start your vehicle to get it running and let it run for at least half-an-hour. After doing this, turn the engine off and start it again a few time to make sure it will start again if you have to stop somewhere.

No Starting & No Cranking

This one is the most straight forward car battery problem. If your car doesn’t crank or start, you have a dead car battery. Your car might also have alternator problem to go along with the dead battery. Jump start your car and immediately replace your battery and have your alternator checked out.