Car Facts You've Never Heard

car-33633_150Cars take a lot of engineering and technology to get made; it should come as no wonder that a lot of interesting facts about them exist. We’ve put some of them together for you here. Enjoy:

  • Fact 1: In the beginning of their production, the first cars had a level rather than a wheel for steering.
  • Fact 2: In 1769, the first vehicle to run from its own power got invented; at 8,000 pounds, people used it to haul canons across long distances.
  • Fact 3: Almost all car horns in America honk in the F key.
  • Fact 4: By 1915, Ford Model Ts made up a whopping 55% of all the cars in the world. No make has beaten this record yet.
  • Fact 5: If you drove at 60 miles per hour, you would reach the moon in 157 days.
  • Fact 6: If you run your car down completely out of gas, you could be shortening the life-span of your fuel pump.
  • Fact 7: In Switzerland, the law prohibits slamming your car doors.

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