How Long Should Car AC Last?

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With spring and summer approaching it’s about that time to get that car air conditioning repair that you’ve been needing. When your car’s air conditioning unit has been acting up it can leave you high and dry in the heat. There are many reasons why your AC may be acting up, so it’s important to pay attention to certain signs and symptoms when they occur so problems don’t progress into extensive repairs. Your AC system is composed of many parts that function with different responsibilities that ultimately connect with one another and affect the durability of an AC system. That being said, depending on the age of your car your AC should be able to last for a few years before you start to need maintenance.

A basic understanding of your car’s AC system is as follows, it begins with the refrigerant liquid going through a compressor that draws in and compresses the refrigerant into a condenser. The condenser then releases heat much as a car radiator does. There is an expansion valve which regulates the flow of the refrigerant and an evaporator that cools the car by blowing the hot interior air across to the refrigerant.  As with all car parts, any of these components can eventually fail and need replacements.

Car Air Conditioning Repair How-Tos

If you’re having trouble with your AC and need car air conditioning repairs than it may be best to run some tests.  A good way to see if your AC is working is to first turn on your car and put your AC on high. Assess the cooling effects of the air flow to determine if it’s high or low, hot or cold enough for your car. If the air is too cool you can check the fans of your radiator, if they aren’t running than there could be an electrical issue. If there’s an air flow issue than you could also replace the cabin air filter to increase the flow. Another thing you could try is to check on is the wiring that leads to the AC compressor or electric clutch. You can find the connector in the middle of the wire and unplug it and takethe length of the wire to the positive terminal of your battery. If there is a clacking sound than the electric clutch is properly functioning, if it isn’t it may be best to have a professional car technician conduct repairs.

If you’re wondering on how to repair your car air conditioning system then consider the signs and symptoms answered below. Ultimately, it’s recommended to conduct Engine diagnostics with a qualified technician to see how extensive or localized a car air conditioning repair may be. You’ll also be able to get a car air conditioner repair quote with a notable Auto repair service so you can get an idea of how much costs may be.

How much does it cost to get air conditioning fixed in a car?

Car air conditioning repair costs can range from $100-$800 for minor repairs and $1,000-$4000 for more extensive repairs. Extensive repairs can include replacing other parts of the system like the sensors, valves, pressure switch, hoses, compressor, belts, and condenser as well as recharging the refrigerant.

What does it mean when your car AC blows hot air?

A simple solution could be that your refrigerant needs to be recharged, which means that the fluid needs to be refilled. Every so often a refrigerant system should be drained out and replaced.

What are the symptoms of a bad AC compressor?

  • The gradual warming of cool air over time due to a failing compressor.
  • Loud noises in the compressor: a compressor uses a sealed internal bearing to turn, a leaking or worn bearing will have a belt squeal or grinding sound.
  • Immoveable compressor clutch: this clutch is connected to a pulley that only activates when it needs to while using the engine’s power. When it seizes, the compressor will continue to be activated and when it breaks there’ll be no power.
  • Leaking: a compressor has internal bearings that prevent fluid leaks when pressurizing the refrigerant, if they are worn or damaged than the protection is gone.
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Why is the AC in my car not blowing cold air?

A reason for your car not blowing any hot air could be that your AC compressor is failing which will affect the refrigerant’s ability to circulate throughout your system. This usually happens gradually over time until it becomes fully hot air.  Additionally, your condenser could be blocked by debris or there’s a block somewhere in your systems that are restricting air flow. Another reason could be that you have lower than normal refrigerant levels and need a recharge for your system to blow cold air again. Finally, your electromagnetic clutch switch could have failed and can’t pressurize the refrigerant in your car.

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