Is It Hard to Replace EGR Valve?

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Open the hood of your car and you’ll notice there are many different components and parts. There are even components and parts you can’t see too, like the EGR valve. Well, you know what the battery looks like and what it is. And you’d know the radiator and breather, and maybe when it’s been pulled out, you’d recognize the dipstick and what these components are, but if the EGR was pulled out, would you know what it is and why is EGR valve replacement service so important? 

What is the EGR Valve?

The EGR valve is a part of the exhaust system in all modern internal combustion engines. The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is how the emissions that are released are controlled. The EGR valve allows harmful gas to return through the intake system after it changes the chemical composition. In short, it is one way car manufacturers have taken to improve air pollution. 

When should EGR be serviced?

The recommendation of most car manufacturers is to have a professional EGR valve replacement service, i.e., cleaning, performed every 50,000 miles. Why is this EGR valve replacement service necessary? Because it is a part of how the emissions are controlled, helps the fuel economy, and your car will have better performance. 

How many miles should an EGR valve last?

There isn’t a standard answer to this, but mechanics that provide EGR valve replacement service is recommended between 40,000 miles and no later than 50,000 miles. If you wait longer than 40,000 to 50,000 miles, some indications that your car needs EGR valve replacement service include: 

  • High Emissions: High emissions are a direct result of an EGR valve not doing its job, which means you won’t be able to pass an emissions test. This happens when the valve gets stuck open, allowing too much exhaust gas to enter the intake manifold. The combustion of the engine becomes inefficient and your car will release unburned hydrocarbon gases. If the EGR valve is closed, the combustion temperatures get too hot and increase in NOxes that escape through the exhaust.
  • Fuel Consumption: If your car is using more fuel than usual, you may need to schedule an EGR valve replacement service. 
  • Idling Rough: When your car is idling, if it is bouncing and shaking, this could be caused by a malfunctioning EGR valve. Replacement service will get the bouncing and shaking stopped. 
  • Knocking Sounds: When there are knocking sounds coming from the engine, it could be out of oil, or it could need EGR valve replacement service. When the EGR valve is closed, the fuel will ignite due to the internal temperature getting too high inside the engine. 

While these things can indicate your car needs EGR valve replacement service, it can also indicate other problems as well.  An experienced mechanic will inspect the situation and ascertain the problem. 

How much is an EGR valve replacement service?

The average cost for EGR valve replacement service can vary from car to car and garage to garage. A common estimation starts around $400 and goes up from there.  The labor portion of that amount can start around $100 with the remaining amount being the EPG valve. 

Is an EGR valve replacement service a difficult job?

For a mechanically inclined DIY person or a professional garage, it is a straightforward job. In general, the steps include: 

  • Remove the engine cover to gain access to the EGR valve
  • Loosen the electrical cable connected to the valve
  • Remove any other electrical connections (note if there is faulty wiring)
  • Remove the screws that fasten the EGR valve
  • Examine the valve for carbon buildup and corrosion
  • Clean the area around where the old EGR valve was located
  • Line the new EGR valve and install
  • Reattach the electrical wires and connections

 When having a professional EGR valve replacement service, the mechanic is inspecting other components around the area, especially for issues with the electrical wiring. For an experienced mechanic, it can be completed within an hour in most cases. Additionally, having the work done by a professional will give you a warranty in case there is issue after the EGR valve replacement has been completed. 

In Closing

Your car has exhibited some of the indications we’ve mentioned, but you don’t have the finances or time to take the car in for EGR valve replacement service. Is it OK to drive with a bad EGR valve?

While it won’t harm the engine, it will affect your gas mileage and perhaps lessen the engine power. The biggest effect that a malfunctioning EGR valve is on the environment. With that being said, it is important to minimize your carbon footprint and do your part to minimize air pollution, get your car’s EGR valve replacement serviced as soon as possible. Our team is here to help with your EGR valve replacement service in Venice, FL! You can reach our team at our office number, 941-493-6511.