Stay Awake To Stay Safe

wreck into treeWhen it comes to our loved ones, we all worry about the dangers of the road. Even the safest and most experienced driver can find themselves in an accident because of someone else’s mistake. We don’t allow drunk driving for just this reason. However, other things can raise the risk of car crashes on the road, including sleep deprivation. Recently, driving tired has gained a lot of attention for the damage it causes. Remember, stay awake to stay safe.

Why to avoid drowsy driving:

Driving drunk increases your risk of an accident because it decreases both your reaction time and your ability to stay focused. Especially at high speeds, it only takes a moment for everything to go wrong. Studies have found sleep deprivation comparable in risk to moderate alcohol usage.

National Sleep Foundation Reports:

In 2005, the NSA conducted a poll which yielded surprising results. They found that 60% of adults reported driving drowsy just within the last year. 37% said in the poll that they had fallen asleep completely behind the wheel once, if not more, in their lifetime.
We don’t want any such avoidable tragedies affecting our community; remember, stay awake to stay safe. If you worry about the health of your car, give Rolling Auto Service a call. We offer top level services, and we come to you! You can reach us at (941) 493-6511.