Venice, FL | Why Use a Mobile Mechanic?

There are a lot of people who perhaps didn’t even know that mobile mechanics were a thing. For those of you who fit that description, your next question is probably, “Ok, why is a mobile mechanic better than a auto shop?” A valid question.

  1. First, there’s an obvious convenience factor. No more dropping your car off and trying to kill an hour, two or maybe more while they work on your car. We come to you. Right to your driveway, apartment, or where ever it is your car is. So relax, catch up on some TV and leave the work to us!
  2. Then there’s price. Without the overhead of a shop and other expenses, we’re able to keep our prices extremely low. When you come to Rolling Auto, you’re paying for the repair, not the roof. Many of the most common problems affecting cars could be repaired by those with some mechanic know how and spare time, but we know not everyone has that luxury, and that’s where we come in.
  3. Quality.  With Rolling Auto, there is no “big box store” mentality. Rolling Auto is like your handy friend you call when you need help hanging some shelves, unloading a truck, or, in this case, changing your oil, istalling new brake pads, or replacing a bad fuel pump.

We can help with nearly any auto repair that you would go to a shop for any pay much more to have done. The next time you need auto repair work in Venice, Englewood, North Osprey, or in the area, give us a call!