What are the Symptoms of a Bad Alternator?

Alternator replacement

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Alternator?

Alternator replacement service is important when you have a bad alternator. But how are you supposed to tell if your alternator is acting poorly? There are six symptoms that your alternator is failing. The first to be aware of is the indicator light. This light will say, “ALT” or “GEN.” If your headlights are dim or flickering, this is another sign that your alternator may not be functioning well. The alternator is responsible for powering other systems in the car including the power windows, the car radio, and the air conditioning. If one or all of these systems is experiencing failure, the problem may lie with your alternator. Other symptoms of a bad alternator include strange noises, the car stalling, or the battery dying.

How Long Does it Take to Replace an Alternator?

If the mechanic is experienced or at an intermediate skill level, it is entirely possible that replacing the alternator will take less than an hour. It is also important to consider is whether or not there are any other extenuating problems with the engine. It is a good idea to have a thorough check-up with your auto mechanic when your car when it is having problems. 

Can You Replace Your Own Alternator?

If you are a trained mechanic or have an interest in cars, it is likely that you are capable of replacing your own alternator. Having a professional mechanic replace your alternator can cost upwards of several hundred dollars, which is why it’s important for you to consider doing it on your own if you are low on funds, and high on expertise. The first thing that you should do is disconnect your battery. Next, disconnect the wires that are connected to your alternator. The third step in this process is removing the belt from the pulley. This is the most difficult step in the process. You will need to turn the bolt/rod-end with a wrench or socket until it releases enough tension to make removing the belt possible. 

Removing the bolts will be the next step for you. With the alternator out of the engine, you will need to examine the replacement alternator. Remembering the steps that you took to take the old alternator out, please retrace your steps.

What Causes an Alternator to Fail?

There are many things that can cause an alternator to fail. Please review the following list to learn more.

  • The alternator has gone bad. Alternators last only between five and seven years. At some point in your car’s lifespan, you may have to replace your alternator because it has failed.
  • Problems with the computer. As mechanics can verify, new vehicles are built with sophisticated computer systems. If there is a glitch in the computer system, you can probably expect some problems to manifest in your alternator.
  • Wiring. If the wires connected to your alternator get damaged or worn out, your alternator could fail.
  • A bad fuse. After a power surge, you could have a blown fuse. In such cases, you can expect an alternator failure because your battery isn’t charging.
  • A broken pulley or belt. While pulleys last for a long time before they finally fail, belts are flimsier. Eventually, they will crack and break. The same is true of your serpentine belt.

Do You Have to Replace Battery When Replacing Alternator

There are several different possibilities tied in with a broken alternator. If the alternator failed, killing the battery, you will need to replace the battery. Replace the battery, and then you can test the alternator. If after testing the alternator, it doesn’t hold voltage, then you will need to replace the alternator along with the battery. Alternatively, the battery could have failed, killing the alternator. This rarely happens, but can result because of a dead short in one of the cells of the battery. In such cases, the battery case will be cracked and look cockeyed. There are many important systems in a home and a car that require maintenance. In both homes and cars, routine air conditioner maintenance is necessary. Here is an example of a reputable HVAC company that administers air conditioner maintenance in Ellenton, FL.

How Much Alternator Replacement Cost

According to national estimates, the average cost for an alternator replacement is anywhere between $579 and $759. 

Can’t Remove Alternator Belt

Removing the alternator belt is the most difficult part of replacing the alternator. You can remove the alternator belt by placing a wrench behind the bracket to hold the nut. You can then loosen the bolt on the front of the bracket with a second wrench. You will need to turn the wrench counterclockwise. You will do this until it is loose, and then you can remove the wrenches and move the alternator toward the engine.

Alternator Replacement for Generator

Alternators are cheaper and easier to find than their equivalent, generators. If you would like to convert your generator to an alternator, your car will need to change from positive to negative ground. This is because alternators don’t work on a positive ground state.

Alternator replacement

Alternator Replacement for Car

If you need an alternator replacement for your car, it is important for you to be aware of your options. Please be sure to review all the automotive shops near your home, and select a licensed and insured mechanic who specializes in such services.

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