When You Should Change Your Brake Pads

Brakes are unarguably the most important part of a vehicle. You’ll live if your car won’t accelerate, but if it doesn’t stop you probably won’t. There are a few indicators that your brake pads might need changing. Here’s when you should take your car in:
Venice Brake Pad Replacement

Are your brake pads worn?

You can check the state of your brake pads yourself. In between the spokes of your wheel there is a shiny metal rotor and towards the edge there are metal calipers. Between these is where you’ll find the brake pads. In almost all instances, brake pads need to be AT LEAST a quarter-inch thick. Any thinner, and you need to take your car into the shop.

Do you hear a high-pitched squeal?

One part of your braking system is a device that emits a high-pitched squeal whenever your brake pads are too worn. Take your car to the shop whenever you hear this sound. If you’re the type to blare music whenever you drive, set aside a moment of silence every once in a while; sounds your car makes can alert you to problems that need to be fixed.

Does your wheel pull to one side?

This problem could have a host of different causes: brakes, worn tires, poor alignment, damaged suspension, etc. When it’s the brakes, usually a stuck caliper is pulling on your wheel. It’s a good idea to take your car in if your wheel pulls, no matter which cause it is.
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