Car Fall Preparation Tips

Car Fall Preparation

A Few Simple Strategies Can Leave Your Car Well Prepared for the Road Ahead.

Fall arrives as a definite change from summer, with cooler temperatures and less demand on vehicles. Just because you will take fewer trips does not mean you should fail to service your car, however. Before the calendar turns to winter, make sure you’ve attended to these car fall preparation tips.

Check All Hoses, Belts, and Fluids

Summer enacts major wear on a vehicle. Between the heat, traffic, and lengthy trips, there’s a good chance that your car needs some basic service. At the very least, have your local mechanic check the status of your belts, fluids, and hoses. A little service can act as preventative maintenance, and spare you the major car troubles that can characterize the end of summer.


Make sure to pay special attention to the level of your antifreeze. Though not critical throughout the summer, fall’s descending temperatures can provide an ordeal for the ill-prepared car. Since it regulates your car’s engine, adequate antifreeze serves as an indispensable component of a well-maintained car.

Tire Pressure

Summer places high demands on your tires. For fall, you’ll want to check to maintain adequate tire pressure. Too little places even more wear on your tires, which may have already suffered immensely. Rotation represents another practice you should wisely pursue, as it evens out wear and lessens the chance of an unexpected blowout.
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