Three Good Driver Habits

Good Driver Habits

Good Drivers Always Maintain Attention on the Road Ahead.

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, makes for a great driver? Certain regularly practiced good driver habits separate the best drivers from the worst, and can also extend the life of a vehicle. If you want to reinvent yourself as a master of the road, follow these strategies.

Obey the Speed Limit

The most obvious sign of a good driver appears as their adherence to the speed limit. Speeding not only raises the threat of tickets, but also endangers the safety of the driver and other motorists. If you remain unsure of the speed limit in a given area, 30 mph represents the standard for any road with street lights.

Focus on the Road

We live in an age rife with distractions. From stereos to phone calls, text messages to surfing the web, plenty of opportunities exist to ignore the road. Though most people profess awareness of the danger in these activities, many motorists cannot resist the temptation. A matter may also seem pressing, in need of an immediate response. In reality, you should always stay tightly focused on the road, regardless of any distractions. If this remains difficult, you can always place your phone out of reach in the glove box.

Take Breaks

Though long trips can create the impulse to simply “get there”, patience has rewards for a driver. Driver fatigue counts as a predominant factor in many accidents. A tired driver will also more likely miss speed limit and other road signs. A short break every couple of hours should prove sufficient to recharge your batteries. Additionally, if you find yourself tired after a day of driving, do not hesitate to find a hotel.
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