Is Scheduled Car Maintenance Necessary?

Scheduled Maintenance Service

Scheduled Maintenance Keeps Your Car At Its Best Year Round.

You may have heard the terms scheduled maintenance previously during auto repair service. Usually, a technician will recommend this for the best care for your vehicle. Scheduled maintenance is a preventative measure that allows your technician to perform a thorough evaluation of your car’s systems, identifying and repairing any possible issues that may come up. With this, that means your vehicle is always in peak condition. However, because it can be treated as a preventative measure, many people decide it may not be necessary for their vehicle. However, without this service, you could be placing your car in jeopardy. At Rolling Auto Service, we always highly recommend this service to our clients as a way to ensure that their car is always road ready and will never take them by surprise.

How Often Should You Take Your Car in for Maintenance?

The good news is that your car’s auto manual can actually tell you the factor designated schedule for its particular systems. If you do not have your auto manual, you may be able to pull the information from the internet for your records. These schedules will normally cover a wide selection of different areas of your car, and all may have varying times. Our auto shop scheduled maintenance allows us to take care of many aspects of your car all at once including:

  • Your Engine: Your engine receives a lot of stress over time. Our technicians inspect the valves, gaskets, belts, and function to ensure it is running smoothly.
  • Radiator Services: Coolant flush removes old used fluids that may contain sediment, build up or rust. This ensures your radiator stays at its best.
  • Differential: This piece is very important for how your car turns, and fluid function checks ensure you stay safe.
  • Transmission: Transmission repair and inspection should occur every 30,000 miles. Prevent gear slippage and shifting issues with this service.
  • And More!

Rolling Auto Service is your source for quality auto repair and service for your vehicle in Venice, FL. Our technicians complete full inspections of your vehicle to find all possible issues and bring them to your attention. We then work with you to find the best solution to ensure your car is road ready and safe. Reach out to us today at 941-493-6511 to get started and set up your schedule maintenance appointment!