What To Know Before Buying an RV Trailer


RVs can overheat or break down just like any other type of vehicle. When you think about how an RV trailer is also a house on the road, getting insurance is important. Most insurance policies for motor homes are affordable.


RVs Are A Great Investment For Those With Wanderlust

If you get a travel trailer, make sure that your car is strong enough to pull your trailer, too. Motor homes are self-propelled, but you have to consider the costs of gas, insurance, and emergencies like breakdowns.

Frequency of Use

Everyone wants to travel, but do you actually have the time, or will the RV trailer just sit in your driveway? The more you use it, the quicker it pays for itself and becomes an investment.

Fuel Costs

It’s a known fact that RVs are gas guzzlers. The average motor home gets about 10 MPG. that is seriously something to consider, especially with the rising cost of diesel prices. While a monthly gas bill for a car could cost you $150, a gas bill for an RV trailer could be a minimum of $450.

Save on Hotels

One night at a hotel costs $100. One night in an RV park costs $30. An entire trip with an RV trailer could equal two nights in a hotel. You will have to factor in buying groceries which can raise your expenses a little, but is still cheaper than eating out every day.
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