What Happens If a Fuel Pump Goes Out?

Mechanic Working on Removing Fuel Tank in Preparation for Fuel Pump Replacement

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Fuel Pump?

Fuel pump replacement is a necessary service when the time comes. In terms of cost, taking a car to a certified mechanic for repairs ends up being the most affordable option every time. A certified mechanic will be able to correct any lingering automotive problems correctly, This is more affordable in the long term when compared to attempting to find and fix a problem on one’s own. On average, the cost to replace a fuel pump is approximately four hundred to six hundred dollars including parts and labor. This cost will vary depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump? 

The signs of a bad fuel pump are fairly straightforward. Please read over the following warning signs to find out more about the health of your automotive.

  • Whining noise emitting from the fuel tank. 
  • Experiencing difficulty with starting the engine.
  • Sputtering sound from the engine.
  • Engine stalls at high temperatures.
  • Car surging at inappropriate times.
  • Engine not turning over.
  • Low gas mileage.

Is Replacing a Fuel Pump Hard?

If your car has been experiencing bad fuel pump symptoms, it’s a very good idea to have your engine inspected by a certified mechanic. It is fair to stipulate that if you do have some degree of technical knowledge and the right tools, that you can replace your own fuel pump. As with any do-it-yourself project, it is imperative that you have the correct tools on hand. The skill level is intermediate, and you will need one to three hours to complete the task. This increment of time depends upon the vehicle specifics, the skill level, and the available tools.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Fuel Pump?

As previously mentioned, it takes approximately one to three hours to replace a fuel pump. For more difficult circumstances, such as in the case of an older vehicle and an inexperienced mechanic, the process will take longer than if the job is more straightforward.

What Happens If a Fuel Pump Goes Out?

If your fuel pump has gone out of commission, you can expect major vehicle performance issues. For instance, if the fuel to air ratio is off, and the cylinders aren’t receiving fuel, then the pistons aren’t firing. If the pistons aren’t firing then the engine will struggle to move the vehicle forward. In fact, a totally degraded fuel pump will not allow an engine to start at all.

What is Fuel Pump Replacement?

What does a fuel pump do? A fuel pump is engineered to transport fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. This will occur according to the engine’s requirements. If you consistently drive your vehicle until it is almost out of gas, there is an extremely high probability that your car will eventually require a fuel pump replacement. It isn’t only your car that benefits from a tune-up from time to time. If you need a new roof for your home, synthetic shingles are an attractive and affordable option. Schedule a roof inspection with a qualified roofer in your area to find out more.

Fuel Pump to Remove

If you have a fuel pump that is in need of removal, there are steps that you can take. The steps will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the basic premise is the same. For any engine replacement or installation, it is important that you wear safety gloves and glasses. Another safety precaution to follow is to ensure that any flames or sources for ignition are removed from the nearby radius. The vehicle will be lifted in order to remove the tank. Gas from the tank will need to be responsibly removed and funneled into an appropriate receptacle. Clamps from the fills lines will need to be removed. Wire connectors and fuel lines will need to be removed. The pump assembly will need to be removed in order to be replaced with a brand new part. 

Fuel Pump Replacement How-To

Once the fuel pump assembly is removed, the fuel pump can be replaced with a brand new part. Once the pump is installed, the pump retaining ring will need to be put back in place. The tank must be raised close to the vehicle in order to reconnect the wire connectors and fuel lines. Make sure to reconnect the straps and fills them with the tank properly positioned. Once that has been completed, partially fill the tank and check to see if there are any fuel leaks. 

Fuel Pump Replacement for Vehicle

Fuel Pump Replacement Near Me

In order to find out more about your fuel pump replacement, please check with your friends or neighbors to secure referrals pertaining to a certified mechanic they trust with their vehicle. An internet search will also provide some viable results. Make sure to check the reviews and specifications of your final mechanic choice.

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