Why Get a Tune Up?

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Learn More About a Tune Up

Over time your car will undergo changes and require maintenance in the form of a tune up in order for systems to continue to run smoothly. A car tune up will increase the power output, speed and handling of your car and features calibration and adjustments for a desired performance outcome. In order for your car to perform well consistently for a longer amount of time make sure to schedule a tune up as often as is recommended in your car’s user manual. A professional auto service company will be able to comply to the specific needs your system and perform a tune up that will work best for it. Get in touch with you local vehicle service company for more information, until then here is some general background info regarding a tune up that may prove useful to you.

What is a tune up and how much does it cost?

A minimal tune up will consist of cleaning and replacing spark plugs yet if you have platinum spark plunges they probably won’t need to be changed as often. With older cars in addition to cleaning and replacing spark plugs the rotor and distributor cap are done as well. The price for a minimal tune up will typically range from $40-$150. 

What is included in a full tune up?

A full tune up includes more areas being cleaned and replaced beyond spark plugs such as wires, rotor, distributor cap, PVC valve, fuel filter and air filter. It will also include inspecting and diagnosing the fuel, emissions systems and ignition as well as adjusting the timing, dwell and fuel mixture to specifications.

How often should you get a tune up?

The time for when a tune up is due will depend on your vehicle. With older vehicle models with non-electronic ignition it’s recommended that a tune up be done every 10,000-12,000 miles or annually depending on which scenario occurs first. With newer cars with fuel injection systems and electrical ignitions they can go from 25,000 miles to even as high as 100,000 without needing a tune up. Make sure you know where your car lies in that range for a timely schedule.

Can I still drive my car if it needs a tune up?

Your car may start to exhibit certain behaviors when a tune up is needed so it’s up to you to risk driving it. Consult your car’s owners manual to see how to deal with issues when they come about. 

Will a tune up help acceleration?

If your car is exhibiting a behavior known as “knocks” as it accelerates or climbs hills it could be there is either a fuel efficiency problem or a bad mixture of gasoline. In any case, getting a tune up can fix the problem.

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How do you know if you need a tune up?

  • The Dashboard Lights Come On.
  • You Hear Unusual Noises.
  • You Start Stalling Out. 
  • Bad Fuel Milage.
  • Your Car Is Slow to Accelerate. 
  • You Can Feel Unusual Vibrations.
  • Your Engine Is Misfiring.
  • Avoid These Problems With Regular Tune Ups.

What happens if you don’t get a tune up?

If a tune up isn’t done as recommended in intervals determined by your car’s manufacturer than it can put stress on areas of your ignition system. In some cases it can damage your catalytic converter of even have your experience longer and harder starts.

What are the benefits of a tune up?

A tune up is beneficial in that it will keep you car in top-notch condition consistently and will ensure that it reaches or even increases the expected life span of parts as well as the engine. It will prevent problems that vehicles exhibit from negligence which can prevent costly repairs. It will also assist in improving the power of acceleration, the fuel economy, battery life and other major components of your vehicle.

Do modern cars need a tune up?

Modern cars typically won’t have the mechanical parts that would require a tune up as seen with carburateurs being replaced with direct fuel injection or ignition distributors being replace by coil-on-plug ignitions systems. There may be other parts that can benefit from maintenance so make sure to contact your local vehicle service company or your car manufacturer for more information.

Is a tune up worth it?

A tune up is worth it for when your car starts to exhibit poor behaviors and symptoms or for when it’s time that your spark plugs require replacement based on it’s own maintenance schedule.

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Your car will undergo many changes through time yet will perform the best after a car tune up has been completed. In order to have parts in good working condition for a longer period of time make sure to follow through with your manufacturer’s recommended intervals of scheduling a car tune up. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the behavior of your car call your local auto shop for more information.

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