Why Is My Car Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cold Air?

A Technician Tests a Car Air Conditioning

Why is my car air conditioning not blowing cold air?

On a scorching summer day, if your car air conditioning fails to blow cold air, you could be in for a miserable ride. Several possibilities might cause your AC to quit blowing cold air. Three common reasons this happens include:

  • Refrigerant needs recharging. New refrigerant needs to be added. You can do this yourself or have a service professional do it for you.
  • Refrigerant is leaking. A leak in the system keeps the AC from cooling. Professionals can detect and repair the leak.
  • Fan motor has failed. If the fan or fans in front of the motor fail, your AC will fail to cool you and the fans won’t cool your engine either.

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How do I make my car air conditioner colder?

No matter how hot it is, there are times it might seem the car air conditioning never gets cold enough. While this could mean the AC has a problem like low refrigerant, you can also make some adjustments to get your car cooler inside. If you’re driving alone, for instance, you can shut off the vents on the passenger side, so all the cold air blows your way. In addition, point vents toward you so the air flows directly toward you. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be all that hot outside to push your vehicle’s interior temperature to scorching when it’s sitting in the sun. If you park in the shade or place shades on the window, your car stays cooler inside and it takes less time for the AC to cool you off. Also, the faster you accelerate, the more power is drawn away from the air conditioning. Staying at steady speeds keeps you cooler.

What should car air conditioning temperature be?

When outdoor temperatures are between 70 and 80 degrees the AC’s temperature should be 35 to 48 degrees when the AC is run on “max” settings. Outlet temperatures in the 40s tend to be ideal.

How long does car AC last?

Car air conditioning is fairly sturdy, and even in hotter climates, where it might be used year-round, it’s possible the system could last as long as the car itself. This will all depend on the make and model of the car and your overall maintenance and service. A compressor—the AC’s main component—will last on average about eight to 10 years, which is about the average length of time people hold onto their cars. Some systems might experience refrigerant leaks or need a refrigerant recharge and refrigerant recharges last about three years.

Does car air conditioning need servicing?

Like all of your car’s components, the air conditioner can be subject to wear and tear, especially if it’s used frequently. Getting it checked out when you perform other maintenance services is always a good idea. Common problems usually have to do with the refrigerant, and if your AC isn’t cooling, one of the first things to have a professional check is for refrigerant leaks. Worn belts might cause the AC to rattle or bang around, and the belts will need to be replaced. You should also get the AC checked out if mildewy or moldy odors are coming from the vents, as this could indicate mold is present somewhere in the system.

How long does it take to fix AC in a car?

Repair times will vary for car air conditioning. A refrigerant recharge might take about half an hour. Repairing or replacing a compressor, on the other hand, might take three to five hours.

Is it OK to start car with AC on?

No harm is done when you start the car with the air conditioning on. When you first crank the engine all power to accessories like the car air conditioning are shut off so maximum power goes to getting the engine started. All power is restored to accessories once the car is started. Accessories like the AC are designed to be turned on quickly, so the AC won’t be harmed.

Does car air conditioning use gas?

Yes, the car’s air conditioner uses gas because it’s drawing its energy from the alternator, and the alternator is powered by the engine. But, you’re actually not wasting gas when running the AC. In fact, in some instances, while driving at highway speeds, running the AC is more fuel-efficient than driving with the windows down. That’s because driving with the windows down causes more drag, making the vehicle less aerodynamic. The car’s engine then has to work harder and burns more fuel in turn. 

A Woman Adjusts Car Air Conditioning.

Can car air conditioning cause health problems?

As long as the air conditioning is functioning properly, there are no health risks. Of course, when repairs are needed, in particular when refrigerant is leaking or needs to be recharged, you have to be careful with it. You should avoid any direct contact with it as it can cause frostbite if in contact with the skin or eye damage if in contact with the eyes.  

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